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Whilst the makeover looks fantastic I'm not sure I'd have gone with the round butterfly table. The 'wings' would get in my way when seated and plates could careen off the edge if there was even one guest so I'd have gone with an oblong shaped table supported from the bedroom wall to allow free leg space when seated. I'd not cope with a wall to wall bed given how difficult changing linens would be.

The wallpaper feature in the living area stopping where it does cuts the room making it appear smaller to me, I wonder about the motivation behind that move.

It's gorgeous to look at and would suit a young exec with an eye on short term living with a possible long-term rental proposition down the track. Definitely a great investment.

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sort of cool the bed in the middle of nowhere

however it would feel extremely confined.

sort of 'unhomey'

however u cld add books, decor, and knick knacks to the latticey stufff around the bed and it wld look/feel bette i think

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As a crash-pad I think it works perfectly , Id get the cleaner to change the bed after each 8 sleeps eg every 2 wks , as it's not an entertaining space no problem with the space saving table. definitely no to ornaments as the latticework is attractive as is


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