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The world is not allergic and sensitive because people aren't drinking milk past the use by date, they are allergic and sensitive due to the genetically engineered growth hormones fed to livestock which then leads to the use of several antibiotics and other chemically synthesised antimicrobial agents to get rid of the side effects. Also processed foods are consumed today with preservatives, chemicals, stabilisers, additives, flavouring, GMO's and food colouring which were not used (or rarely used) in the good ol' days (50 years ago and more). Being exposed to pure and fresh produce is the healthiest and safest way to live and should be encouraged.

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Food Standards Australia and New Zealand has useful information on the terms 'Use By' (my understanding is this is generally related to the potential growth of pathogens in foods that can support their growth) and Best Before (generally related to the quality, nutritional or otherwise, of the food when properly stored). FSANZ or Nutrition are good places to start for advice.

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Tansel Stainless Steel Pull Out Storage

Replacing shelves with pull out storage will make life a whole lot easier. You don't have to dig to the back. You'll always see what you have. And you'll increase your storage by 30%! Best of all, it's an easy DIY project and each basket/drawer holds 40kgs so has PLENTY of muscle.

Read link 3 Easy Steps for Pull Out Pantry Storage


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