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On Saturday I went to a 40th birthday party for someone I don't know very well and one highlight was the 'giving of presents' which her friends did at the end: her mum had somehow got each of her many old college friends over to crochet a square with her and she (the mum) sewed them all together into a big blanket. It was lumpy and colourful no doubt but also the only present that made us all mist up a little. The birthday girl (generally quite modern and designer hunting) LOVED it.

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Zetta Kanta

This is great! We need more loved things in out homes and less bought brand new. Thank you for writing about this.

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Can I add ... please expect to pay more for handmade! Don't insult the makers! I've seen people baulking at $500 for a patchwork quilt that took months to make. If 'man-hours' were charged by the hours they'd be thousands! . If you want cheap, go for mass produced. Treasures give joy for generations.


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