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Agree louise, making better choices of how we use our time also means being true to ourselves and doing what makes us happy, not living up to the expectations of others or impressing others. Maintaining a positive attitude when approaching chores or workloads makes a huge difference to output too - negativity is draining and counter-productive, reducing efficiency and performance. Simple chores are not just a respite from other responsibilities, they are a great time to relax, stop and smell the roses, clear the head, de-stress and recharge to face the next round of more complex chores efficiently and effectively. Prioritising also ensures no last minute panics that are stressful and counter productive but when all else fails, there is no shame in delegating - we are all human.

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A good and timely article - thank you. When I become aware that I’ve got myself into ‘busyness‘ and am buzzing around not achieving very much, I remember that value of taking a few deep, centred, yoga-type breaths. Works every time. Also I have a little garden after which I’ve tended leaves me clear headed, relaxed and making better choices.

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Jo M

Yes I dislike the term 'I'm sooo busy'. Sometimes it can be just a convenient excuse not to do something.....

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