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sandy2060: I had to use a calculator. Oy. Except the horses, go-karts, boat & croquet(?), my childhood was the same! Playing outside all day whether it was rain or shine or snow. It sure is a different world. But I used Zoom the other day, wow! I remember at the World's Fair - PICTURE PHONES! Gotta make sure I am dressed before I answer anything anymore. Thanks for the trip down memory lane. Stay safe.

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Andreas Tchorsch

All the same to me...born in 1972 :-)

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Sandy 2060.
I think the silver lining in this whole time of craziness is that we are blessed with time to reconnect with everyone we love and have those meaningful conversations. Usually I’m running out the door saying I’ll get back to you later. I grew up in the 70s an even back then family life was a bit simpler. Thanks for your post. It really made me think.


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