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Gad! The thirty-minute cleaners must be fit. Or have a 'horror room'.

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My instant clean really involves just a tidy up - clear surfaces - kitchen bench, table and coffee table. Remove papers, clothing, other junk to work room to deal with later, make sure the bathroom is OK. Straighten my own bed if not already done. That can all be done in about 5 mins. A trick I have up my sleeve is a robotic vacuum cleaner! This gets turned on every morning when I walk the dog - he is docked back on his charger and the floor is clean by the time we return! Fantastic!

That clean of the guest bedroom described above would take me a good half hour! What about the rest of the house?

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Jade Zander
We have a one-touch rule in our household. Everything has a designated place within our home and every item that you touch gets put away to its rightful home on first touch. This rule has worked wonders since we introduced it.

My 30 minute cleans are focused on vacuuming, wiping down bench tops, giving the bathroom a quick once over and a light dusting.

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