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Andrea Whiteside
I agree with others about being energy responsible. I think if your house has rooms you're not using frequently then it's a waste of energy in the building of them and then in the year-round heating and cooling of them (unless you close vents and doors of course). I love the idea of the outdoor room that I imagine I'll heat a handful of times a year. I've been waiting a long time for my pergola to be done. Ps my boyfriend is a landscaper :)
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I really don't understand how the need to be outside when it's cold can be so strong that you have to spend money heating the area. Just go inside! As for fire pits, they look nice but can't be used in summer where I live because of fire bans. In winter it's so cold outside that the heat from a fire pit outside would never be enough to warm you. Better off inside where it's warm and dry.

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Whilst I agree with the last comment I do understand why these outdoor areas are so popular as oposed to being indoors.

#1 If you're partying, a spilt drink isn't an issue, even the odd chip etc... could be ignored.

#2 The house deesn't get trashed, which can still happen even with the best guests!

#3 Marshmallows on a stick on the fire is always fun if the flame is accessilble.

#4 Night time views of the stars and city lights can be spectacular!

#5 Often outdoor areas also have a bbq, table and drinks bin so eating in general is often the theme for being outside.

These are just a few reasons for enjoying the outdoors as oposed to the indoors even if it is super cold!!


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