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Robyn Dronner

it has been a busy one :)

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@Edward Morrison,

Like you, I too wanted to have a cordless vacc without having to sell a kidney to have one.

I bought a Hoover Ultra Light at just under $200. It has a powered head and I am very happy with it for the price. What I really like about it is that it will get debris right beside the skirts and not every vacc head will do that even with better suction!!

I don't have timber floors, I have tiles but allot of them, in other words the whole home except for the carpeted bedrooms and I can wizz over the entire tiled floor in one battery charge so I'm pretty pleased about that.

I could have spent more and bought a dyson and I would love to have one but just couldn't warrant the cost at the time however, I'm very happy with the one I have.

Hope this helps.



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JWA Electrical

A central vacuum system with outdoor exhaust removes 100% of all viruses, pollens, and bacteria and expels them safely out of your home.

According to a clinical study at the University of California at Davis, a central vacuum system reduces allergy symptoms by as much as 61%.

Unlike a standard vacuum, a central vacuum system is an economical investment in the resale value of your home whether it’s newer or older.

Installation of your central vacuum isn't as difficult as you think. We offer professional installation services along with the purchase of a central vacuum. Be sure to ask us about installation options and your 5 year warranty.


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