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Major declutter when downsizing from roomy 3 bed with large garage to small 1 bed flat, study, carport and tiny garden shed.

One of the most difficult areas to deal with was what had been in the garage and in the laundry (WM now in bathroom). All that practical stuff now has to be jammed into a tiny tin shed. I managed to include 2 sets of cheap shelves but need some way of hanging tools, extension cords etc. I was gobsmacked by the amount of cleaning products I had acquired; hidden in the back of laundry cupboards, in buckets in the garage etc - gave a lot away to op shops and to friends. And gardening products - lawn feed, weed spray, and all manner of car cleaners, window scrub, mould remover etc. And old tins of paint! What a clearance! I felt a great weight off my back, shoulders and mind once this was done. I still have a little sorting to do but at least it is now confined in a small space and will never be so overwhelming in the future.

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Wil Hellstedt
this was a great help!!
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Annie Annie

I'm in the middle of Konmarie atm due to moving and downsizing. Was really worrying about how I was going to reduce enough, as I had already reduced before. Happened to do a free trial of Netflix over Xmas and watched Marie Kondo. Then borrowed her first book and bought the second. I have Konmaried my clothes, books and pictures (I have lots of them!). I have stopped at the kitchen, but am marshaling myself for that onslaught. It's been great, I actually feel I'm getting on top of my stuff, which I never felt I had in the past, no matter how many garage sales I had. I love the Japanese sensibility of 'things' having a kind of life/spirit, and through this, learning a different way to value what sparks joy for me. She's a genius.


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