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Yay, lets see some individuality in our homes for a change, after all we live our lives in them and it is time we went back to reflecting just who we are.

Five years ago I renovated my kitchen and sick of all the white I went for a soft pastel yellow, for all cabinetry and walls. The kitchen was only small so having everything the same colour really enlarged the look of the room. The new all black ovens and hotplates these days really sharpen the pastel otherwise I had everything white which kept a fresh, clean look in the room.

So five years on I've just repeated this colour scheme again in a small kitchen making it look so much more spacious and it is really getting a lot of attention. I find yellow a very cheerful colour, the room gets a lot of sun and when the kitchen is such a work room, it makes the kitchen a great room to be in.

Don't be frightened to let your head go, it is your home, if it is a colour you really like you will love living with it.

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I was so pleased to find this article as I like to be different rather than do what everyone else is doing ie No, I don't want a white kitchen Yes - I'm an embarrassment when it comes to fashion. Yes - green was the kitchen colour in the 1980's - Whatever - so I'll tone down the green this time but I still want a pastel soft colour like a mint green. I've had a flannel colour kitchen for the last 11 year and nobody else picked that colour but my flannel kitchen started appearing in more homes over the coming years although it wasn't as popular as white. Who cares! I still love it, just want a change in my new home. Pick whatever colour makes you happy as you have to spend a lot of time living with it. I've been getting up every morning for 11 years thinking - what a beautiful house I live in - so glad I spent a year getting it planned and perfected in every way I could. Good luck!


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