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Jade Summers

Looks and feels like a lovely home

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Double D

Congratulations to you both on creating what you set out to achieve. I too love to see cosy comfortable homes and you have certainly done that. I love your dining area and lounge room, the greenery of all your plants really makes the rooms welcoming. I love my indoor plants, but at this stage I only have eight, you have both inspired me to collect a few more. Thanks for sharing your beautiful home.

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My father always had gardens. I always wanted to bring those annuals/perennials inside until I learned about house plants. My first "babies" came to our house when I was 12. From that time forward I have had a long running affair with all categories of house plants. You are amazing! Your plants are amazing! And your obvious love of them is amazing. Bravo!! It's not just the plants you have but the true design elements you use in matching them to the rooms and environments within your home. I am now 78 years old and the only thing that limits the number of plants I have is my ability to water all of them lol. Please continue to be an inspiration to those of us who love greening our homes - inside as well as out.


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