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Pamela Roberts-Price

I'm hoping to construct a zero gravity room in
my new house. Can you help with this? I feel it's absolutlely. possible to do. Where should I start?

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After decades of urban living with daily walks to gather our daily harvest and dry goods, we now live happily in a remote location in the Intermountain Western U.S. With a four month growing season, and limited options, we make the 90 mile trek for supplies a few times a year. With the ever-present threat of being snowed in, our walk-in pantry is needed and well-stocked. If you don't need a pantry and prefer not to keep one, congratulations. But save the judgy, holier-than-thou rhetoric. It shows a real lack of insight into situations other than your own.

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bri james

my last house was my favorite house, the builder built it in 1974, with a great room concept house was almost 1500 sq ft had a 16x24 livingroom, 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, the dinnet had a 6 ft closet and a seperate broom closet next to each other and the 6ft closet was the pantry, I was easy to load and look for things, the louvered bifold doors closed it off, it held everything that most walk in pantrys hold. As the family grew, we needed a larger home, now I wish I had that one back

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