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Diana Bier Interiors, LLC

Chris C--I'd end the tile at the bottom of the vent hood and not go all the way to the ceiling. Then end it parallel with the lower cabinet on the right side.

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Anjanette Benning

I have a “standalone” corner with a larger 3sided base cabinet and smaller 3-sided upper cabinet. Do I just forego any backsplash there? Or run it from the upper cabinet dimensions straight down (this leaving the bottom cabinet to stick out on each side??)

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Back splash is easy to clean material used to protect a wall behind ranges, cooktops and sinks. Designers and some homeowners like to put back splashed throughout the kitchen more for looks than actual usage.

If one doesn't need a back splash to protect walls in certain areas of the kitchen, nor prefer the design/look of using it, then there is nothing to say you are 'required' to have it between those two 'stand alone' cabinets. That said, you can run the back splash materials between the lower cabinet to the bottom of the upper cabinetIf you prefer to have it all match up, then run it using the bottom cabinet upwards to the lower part of the upper cabinet extending the 'lines' on either side to match up with the lower cabinet if you don't like the look/design of just using the exact upper cabinet width.

It's strictly more about the look or design of what you want to do than actual need.


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