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Nuts 'n May

All power to you promoting tree planting, but please, please, please put time into considering what tree you plant. A London Plane is an enormous tree and not suitable for a domestic garden. Checking out local parks, botanical gardens and neighbouring gardens, advice from nurseries can all help. But be wary of labels and advice on how tall the tree will get.

Many trees are labeled giving indication of mature height at 10years, as this is often the life expectation of a tree grown in a city garden. Given trees often live longer then us, it's better to look at the longer term size, for example we give our Walnut trees a minimum of 80m2 each and expect them to live for 200 years plus. Local conditions also may vary, trees grown in our temperate climate have grown faster and taller then similar aged trees in Europe, or their native Iran.

Yes you can prune and train a tree to fit your space, but why not put the effort into selecting the right tree, or even a shrub.

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Not sure if this has already been said above, but to get an idea of what trees thrive in your local area and climate, check out your local street trees and which ones are doing well. Councils have good advice about successful tree species - after all, they're not going to mass plant trees that don't have the best chance of success.

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Liklihood of breakage was not really covered in the article. Sycamores, while beautiful, are very prone to crack in high winds. In a city this is dangerous. Magnolias, also glorious, are bad about breaking as well. Since both of these trees often grow to considerable size this is a worry for safety and also an expense. I love trees and want them for their benefits and to help the wildlife. But I don't want them falling on someone's car, or someone out walking and they can damage your house as well.


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