Asian Living Room Design Photos

Joel Barbitta
Colours - colleen_goldsworthy


Tash Hopkins
Clean lines. Texture - gabbyclezy

like the large window - jkw44

Designed by - Milind Bargal and Associates Photographed by - Ravi Chouhan, Sapna Jain

love the brick combo - chrissytizard


Prashant Bhat

Horizontal Japanese braces surround and define the living room core. Its rice paper ceiling is echoed by the shoji panels, which retract to reveal the round window of the bedroom beyond. A simple alter with a black granite sill is built into the central axis on the living room wall. Photo Credit: Laurie Dickson

beautiful space and colour combos - meredithmcgrath1


tv wall unit 16 - mary_maselli

写真正面の壁は、玄関から入ってきたときにまず見える壁です。フォーマルな感じで、プロポーションを考えながら色々な要素を配置しています。 「子供が広間を通って子供部屋に行くようにしたい」というご要望で、階段は広間の中に配置しています。