Green Pool Design Ideas

rasied pool - vertical fence - jonathan_scott_nz


Multi level pool design to reduce pool fencing
Possibility to reduce pool fencing, pool above ground - sandi_nathan

Patrick Redmond Photography
glass - james_rooney28

Patrick Redmond Ian Barker Garden Designs

Picadilly House
spa in pool - goodgirl4renee

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Pool with slope not retaining wall (don't want infinity pool as we will need to plant hedging around edge iof pool area to protect from winid - candslloyd

White copping around pool and grass in between concrete pavers. - jill_dexterclark

Peter Koenig Landscape Designer, Gene Radding General Contracting, Creative Environments Swimming Pool Construction
Paving and light - webuser_900813578

Amazing front porch of a modern farmhouse built by Steve Powell Homes ( Photo Credit: David Cannon Photography (


Marion Brenner Photography

ES - wil_henriquez72