Grey Deck Design Ideas

Kew Alterations & Additions

Dana Beligan
Like the auriel around the window - stephen_voyle

Dunedin Residence

External shower - webuser_637449419

Ponsonby's hidden Gem

Keeping with the Villa type look but adding modernised features with a rustic twist.
Stone table and the corner door - kyla_manawatu

Kulim Ave Townhouse

Amanda Aitken
black with down lights - sammooi

Sonoma Landscape

Sunken fire pit in the foreground surrounded by a boardwalk and grasslands. In the background, is a 'stargazing tower' that we made from an old steel tank.
Cool fire pit - webuser_86819781

Lincoln Park 2 Bedroom Condo

Screen - glenn_mitchell18

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The Eclectic home

railing and open space - ajstorrier42


photo : 平井広行 ファサードはその外部都市空間同様に静かな印象を与えるが、外部から刳り貫かれたように設けられたいくつもの中庭により、内部空間と外部都市空間との関わりを緩やかに調整しつつ開放的な住環境をつくりだしている。

Pool Decks

The existing concrete surfaces were resurfaced with Skraffino and Uberdeck to create these designs. The contractor Chris Balmer who works in the Philadelphia metro - York County areas executed these projects using Duraamen products.


Nieve | Productora Audiovisual

Soho Penthouse

Outdoor Kitchen