Living Room Design Photos with Black Walls

Photography by Martina Gemmola
Dark walls - frisbk


Richard Powers
textured stair wall with fire, shelving etc below - carolyn3762

Photography by Mat Moore
飘窗纱窗lian - tina_12082011

Christopher Frederick Jones & Roger D'Souza

Anneke Hill
red and pink colouring - bonniebeatson2

stairs - anu_verma95


Western Select Products
lounge - yubee_gounder

Hampstead Manor is a three-bedroom residence set in the idyllic heart of Hampstead. This bold space evokes drama, emotion and luxury. A combination of form and colour creates visual tension and harmony, the ultimate feast for the eye. Photography by Jack Hob House
The colour palette is great - How would it work with the rug and floor colours reversed? - te_whau

Wall colour and rug colour/pattern - karen553

Matt Clayton Photography
Dark walls, teal, cream fireplace - mshamlin70

Bagnato Architects AXIOM PHOTOGRAPHY


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