Pool Design Ideas


Achieve a completely seamless look with the Everton glass fence channel system. Glass panels are embedded beneath the surface of the substrate.
Great Boundary Fence - lallennz75


Katherine Lu
Mummy likes indoor outdoor idea - linaphee017

Rather than a home addition, this customer thought outside the box - a satellite lounge area next to the backyard pool is a great space to hang out and relax after a dip. This Studio Shed is coordinated with the exterior space through color matching and orientation.
can we build a little outhouse/bedroom? - aguyan

See In, See Out / Jessica Mims / www.SeeInSeeOut.com
wier situated away from edge - samduplooy

photography by Miguel Coelho

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Photography by Juliana Franco

Having the Travertine unfilled you get a higher slip resistance.

A very small South Tampa backyard (typical) turned into a very usable space. Approx. 265 sq. ft. this small pool or spool (spa pool) has everything one needs to enjoy outdoor living life. Offset to one side of the yard, it allows for max use of the space. The approx. 330 sq. ft. french pattern silver travertine pool deck and straight edge pool coping gives this backyard a clean, simple, modern feel. With the soft zoyisa grass expanding almost to pool edges it gives the small space a vast, clean feel. The sunshelf in the pool adds a place of pause before entering the pool which has a max depth of 6 feet. No matter what time of year the spool is equiped with a pool heater that will have this oasis to 87 plus degrees within several hrs or less. Landscape Fusion


24' Radiant semi inground pool with pavers

18'x32' Radiant free form semi inground pool