Turquoise Pool Design Ideas

Liz Kalaf Photography
fence overlay - plowman5


QLD HIA 2016 Display Home of the Yea

Clean earthly strong feelings amazing view, neutral concrete colours - hana_reeaad

Denise Rix Photography

Pools should be part of the grand planning of a home.... not just an added on afterthought. When integrated with entertainment spaces and part of an overall landscape plan, the pool becomes infinitely more inviting and useful all year round in Australia's climate.
Pool!!!!! - olivia_kardos

Ron Tan Photography

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pool - webuser_993627506

Blue Poppy Photography
different levels. nice pavers - goodgirl4renee

Putra Indrawan

No space for a pool? Think again. Thanks to the ingenuity of designer Tim Chaichana at GOODMANORS Pool + Garden, the owners of this Melbourne home can stay cool all summer long courtesy of a tiny plunge pool tucked alongside the home’s boundary line. - karenrosie


A ribbed structure provides wonderful shadow play to the lap pool which hugs the rear lounge. The ribs act as a device to allow light through, while obscuring the views in from the neighbouring properties. Photo by Jack Lovel

Natalie Hunfalvay