Atelier LAVIT
Marco Lavit Nicora founded his architecture and design practice, Atelier LAVIT, in 2014. Since then, the practice has been active in France and Italy. Atelier LAVIT’s work originates from the dialogue with artisans and their savoir-faire, especially Made in Italy. Architecture and design often proceed in parallel, striving to reach essential forms. This approach results in an extemporal production, which does not follow trends, but rather lets the strength of raw materials speak for the designs themselves.

Services Provided
Agrandissement de maison, Aménagement intérieur, Conception de bâtiment, Conception et aménagement de maison d'amis, Conception et construction de pavillon de jardin, Construction de chalet, Design architectural, Extension de maison, Maison d'architecte, Plan d'architecte, Plans de maison, Rénovation d'appartement, Rénovation de cuisine, Rénovation de maison

Areas Served

Certifications and Awards
Rising Talent Awards M&O 2018
Contact: Marco Lavit Nicora
Location: 75002