Baby & Kids Products

A kids bedroom must be ready for anything, mess, energetic play, toys, colouring, sleeping... so all thinking behind it needs to aim for a versatile room up for any challenge. Bed styles such as the bunk bed, trundle bed, twin bed, loft bed, or (every boy’s dream!) - a car bed, are popular choices for most kids bedrooms.

Other options in childrens’ furniture include toy boxes and tallboys. A play table and chairs will allow for when your child has friends over. Once the bed frame and bed head is in place, you’ll be able to prioritise more kids furniture based on size and requirements.

If a baby is your focus, a nursery may need to fit the additional elements of a cot, changing table, dressers or other baby storage. Look to fill every inch with just-right kids bedroom furniture pieces for the right price.

Save valuable floor space in a kids bedroom

Avoid taking up too much floor space for furniture; your child needs as much space as possible. Simply place all the dressers, toy chests and kids’ beds or cots along the room’s periphery. The same applies for any rocking chair or glider. Wall organisers, like bookcases or shelving units, and tall cubbies against the wall are also great additions that’ll save floor space. For the child who loves to roll around on the floor, find a kid-friendly rug that’s colourful, fun and, above all, easy to spot clean and wash.

Incorporate toy storage into kids furniture

Prevent a pileup by keeping baskets and boxes handy for all those toys that constantly spill on to the floor. Wood or plastic storage bins in built-in cubbies are a great way to stay organised, and a toy box can make cleanup a breeze. Chests - some possibly styled to look like a pirate’s booty - make for excellent additions to any kids bedroom. More options include a cot with a drawer to hold kids linen, a nursery changing table with shelves, and a kids desk that has plenty of room for school supplies.

A playroom that’s ready for homework too

Children need a sturdy surface for work and play. Invest in a kid-friendly table and chairs, and keep the space clean by placing organisers such as a craft station or tallboys close at hand. A chalkboard wall is a pretty neat addition too: let your kids use it for drawing their favourite cartoons or to practise a few math skills!

Bring in fun, kid-friendly colours

By nature, a kids’ room should be full of bright, vibrant colours, so use playful kids bedding, curtains, rugs and paint to get there. Stuffed animals and oversize cushions make a room feel cosier, and mobiles and wall decals are great accessories for every kids bedroom or nursery. If your child is old enough, have him or her help pick the colours for different furniture such as a fun beanbag or a wall mural (and don’t worry so much if they clash).

Buy durable kids bedroom furniture

Children outgrow their clothes pretty quickly, but they don’t have to outgrow their bedroom’s quite that fast… just yet. Some pieces, especially dressers, chests of drawers and tallboys, should last throughout childhood. Despite its size, a smaller dresser should have sufficient space from infancy to the middle school years, and toy storage containers should last a while as well. If you buy durable, quality kids room furniture the first time, you will likely save money in the long run and reuse it if and when any siblings come along.