Bakeware Products

A well stocked cupcake stand is exactly what every home needs. Whether you’re a novice or an expert, bakeware can be as exciting and as detailed as you want it to be. Fun accessories like cookie cutters, cake stands, cupcake wrappers, and cake tins in different shapes and sizes will also get kids interested in baking (who doesn’t like a good butterfly-shaped cookie!).

So if you’ve got home-baked fairy bread on your mind this season and all you have is a baking tray, then take a look at these bakeware ideas that everyone can use.

The basics: Cake stands and springform pans

Springform pans are the perfect solution for cakes, desserts or pies that can’t be overturned easily (think cheesecakes!). Add them to your collection of cake tins and bakeware, and don’t forget to keep some cake boxes handy as well. The idea is to make the flow from mixing bowl to cake stand as easy as possible. Springform pans ensure that your cakes turn out perfectly (no more hiding rough edges with icing!).

Make things even more interesting with multi-tiered cake stands and cake tins in different shapes; for instance, rose-shaped cake tins will give you gorgeous rose-shaped cakes, and two-tier cake stands will be perfect for cascading cakes for formal occasions. Cake tins come in a variety of sizes and the best way to pick one is to first measure your oven’s tray area. Also, pretty cupcake wrappers will make your stand’s display quite attractive too.

Cookie cutters for every shape and season

A well stocked baking station will have cookie cutters for every occasion. From Santa hats for Christmas to hearts for Valentines, skeletons for Halloween, and Pi shapes for Pi Day - cookie cutters make every holiday extra special. Simply line up the baking tray with cookie dough and stamp away with cookie cutters once set.

Versatile baking with ramekins

You can use a ramekin for everything from muffins to poached eggs, mini pies and quiches. Its versatility makes ramekins the number one bakeware product every kitchen must have. You’ll also find large cupcake wrappers that’ll make the job of greasing and using ramekins for cupcakes even easier; especially if you don’t need to fill out an entire cupcake stand. Opt for ramekins in thick ceramic for a longer shelf life and multi-functional use.

Stock up on the right bakeware and you’ll notice your baking skills getting better too! You can even match the bakeware style to your home's decor.