Barware Products

Stocking up on barware is a chore most of us would indulge in quite willingly. Whether it’s a bar fridge, water cooler, ice bucket or wine glasses, better research will yield better results. So if you’re in the market for some bar equipment, this is where you’ll find all your answers. But before you dive into the world of bar supplies, beer glasses and crystal glassware, take a quick look at some essentials below.

Full fledged bar fridge or mini fridge: Which one suits you more?

Choosing between these two involves analysing your drink storing and cooling needs. If you’re happy with a low capacity option, pick a mini fridge. And if you love entertaining large groups of people quite frequently, choose a full fledged bar fridge. Of course if you find that water is your chief drink or mixer of choice, a medium-sized water cooler by the mini fridge will serve you just as well. Station an ice bucket or wine bucket by the bar fridge for extra bar equipment points.

A trivet to protect your home bar surfaces

Never underestimate the damage a splash of wine can do to a bar benchtop. Along with stocking up on bar towels and other supplies, be sure to add a good trivet to the mix. Not only will it protect surfaces from getting stained and developing condensation marks, it’ll also stop glasses from sliding right off the bench.

Wine glasses and beer glasses: How many is too many?

Left unchecked, buying crystal glassware can become quite an addiction. Choosing the perfect wine glasses is a delightful chore and so is arming yourself with enough beer glasses to host a rowdy soccer evening. This is when you decide which kinds of wine glasses you would like to own (for instance, would you consider stemless wine glasses?) and how many pints you’re likely to serve in beer glasses on any given evening.