Ceiling Lights

Ceiling lights are the most practical way to illuminate your home, and include chandeliers, pendant lights, downlights, spotlights, and even ceiling fans. Not only do they light up a room with minimal obstruction, but they can also be a feature in their own right. For more information on the types of ceiling lights available, read on below.

Flush ceiling lights hang flat against the ceiling and are a great way to provide ambient light in rooms with low ceilings. Especially popular in the bathroom and laundry, they won’t intrude on space and are typically minimal in design.

Semi-flush ceiling lights are a cross between flush fixtures and chandeliers, hanging about 10 to 20 centimetres from the ceiling. They, too, provide ambient light but are usually more decorative and are a great way to subtly set the tone of a room.

Island lights are similar to pendant lights in that they hang from a stem or rod. To create a large pool of light, you typically need two to three light sources versus just one. You can go for a dramatic, low look, or hang them high so they’re more discreet.