A couch, a couple of armchairs, some side tables and a coffee table - that’s the traditional living room ensemble, designed to seat everyone in a conversation and entertainment-friendly zone. The traditionalist in you might still love a good chaise lounge, but armchairs have evolved. With new styles emerging each year, your easy chair can pack an even bigger punch.

There literally exists an armchair for every mood and occasion: a reading chair for that bookshelf nook; a rocking chair to gently rock a baby (or yourself!) to sleep; and a contrasting accent chair to add a pop of colour to an otherwise minimalist layout.

The good news is that you don’t need to take the day off or sacrifice a weekend to buy armchairs anymore; you can simply look at chairs online - pick your favourites and get going! Here’s a look at four popular styles of armchairs to help you along the way.

The reading chair: Every book-lover’s favourite

The perfect reading chair shouldn't lean too far back (you might fall off to sleep), nor should its back be too straight (you won’t be comfortable). It should simply let you slip into a comfortable position with no dramas. If you’re a bibliophile who loves spending zen evenings next to a well stocked book shelf, then a good reading chair will be on top of your lounge furniture list.

For an armchair to qualify as a good reading chair, it must be plush as well as firm, with contoured support for good posture. Look for accent chairs that are specifically marked as reading chairs and have the length, width and height requirements best suited to you.

The classic chaise lounge

No longer a domain of traditionalists, today’s chaise lounge chairs come in a variety of styles. These are great armchairs for (you guessed it!) lounging. Fun fact: chaise lounges come in two basic styles, the ‘fainting couch’ style named for its bed-like features (single arm rest and low back), and the lounge chair style with two armrests and an adjustable back.

Since a chaise lounge can seat just one person, you’ll need a well sized living room to accommodate its size and concept.

The rocking chair: Next best thing to a cradle for grown ups

Take the rocking chair out of the nursery and bring it in from the garden. Today's rocking chairs are pretty well suited for the living room. Some consider the glider rocking chair to be even better (and safer) with its four-point rocking structure. Complete it with a glider ottoman and you can nurse that glass of red by a fireplace for hours.

Rocking chairs also come with additions such as built-in heating and massage pads to comfort your back, neck and legs. If mixing technology with furniture isn’t your thing, then rest easy - you can always opt for classic rocking chairs to suit your living room decor.

Recliners: A must-have for any home theatre lounge

Recliners first came into existence as French camp beds that could multi-task as beds, chairs and chaise lounges. Today, they’re every home theatre aficionado’s go-to piece of furniture. Add a couple of recliners in front of a large TV screen with surround sound and you’ve got yourself a pretty neat movie watching experience. You can also buy two-seater recliners, or ones with attached side tables for snacks and drinks.

Recliners are available in several types of upholstery - from linen to suede, tufted and bonded - but leather (or faux leather) is a favourite.

As you browse chairs online, you’ll be able to filter for style, price and material. Pick your easy chair based on intended use and style. Ultimately, that armchair will be with you for a while and should be as comfortable as it is stylish.