Coffee & Accent Tables

Well-loved coffee tables have one thing in common - they fit right in. No bruised knees or clogged up floor space - these are coffee tables that are as comfortable as they are attractive. Therefore, aside from being aesthetically appealing, they must also be of the right size and make.

Lounge furniture will also include other surfaces such as console tables, side tables, bar tables, and wine tables - all designed to house your favourite accessories, and the occasional beverage. Here are some ideas to help you focus on the right selection criteria for every kind of table for your lounge furniture.

From coffee tables to side tables: How many should you buy?

Coffee tables and side tables function as placeholders for key accessories as well as beverages. Their entire existence depends on being both useful and aesthetically pleasing. Choosing how many you need to buy depends entirely on the space available to you.

Traditional lounge furniture usually includes at least one coffee table and side tables placed near each armchair or sofa edge. But if your living room is larger than most, you might need a lot more in the tables department. Indoor-outdoor living rooms, in particular, need more than one coffee table and several side tables to accommodate the flow of food and beverages.

Choosing the right console tables

If you’re picky, finding the right console table can be quite a tough task. The one that’s just right for you must be of the right size and style, with just the right amount of storage for your living room needs. Console tables are quite versatile - add one to your hallway as a great entry feature, to your dining room for extra storage and decor, and to your living room against a wall that fits it best.

Console tables can also be used as room dividers in open plan homes; add one behind a couch to partition the dining space from the lounge and voila! you’ve got a separate dining room and living room.

Questions to ask yourself before buying a coffee table, console table, or bar table:

The criteria to buy coffee tables might seem quite straightforward, but following it is no small task. Start by answering these questions as frankly as possible, and fine-tune the finer nuances once you arrive at the make and finish stages.
  1. How much room do I have?
  2. What will I use the coffee table for?
  3. Does my space need any other tables - console tables, bar tables, wine tables or side tables?
  4. Is the coffee table a centrepiece or does it play more of a supporting role to another centrepiece?
  5. How tall or short should the coffee table and console table be?
  6. Will there ever be a need to move the tables? Do they need casters or handles?
  7. Should the tables have storage? Can the coffee table be replaced by an ottoman with a tray (and storage)?
  8. Should the coffee table surface be water-resistant or is it enough to have plenty of coasters? For instance, will glass coffee tables do the trick or do I want wood coffee tables with covers or coasters to protect the surface?
  9. Which style of coffee table am I after? Do I prefer classic decorative styles or are modern coffee tables more my style?
  10. Do I want to match any existing lounge furniture materials or is this meant to be a contrast?
  11. What shape am I after: does my lounge need a square coffee table or do I prefer round coffee tables?

Houzz offers a wide variety of tables for every possible need. This is where you’ll find coffee tables of every shape, material and style. Remember to keep your needs at the centre of your search and you’ll find a table to stick with for a long time to come.