Cups & Glassware Products

Mason jars for lemonades, cups and saucers for tea, and super-sized coffee mugs for Monday mornings: stocking the right glassware for any occasion has its merits. Here’s a handy checklist to keep in mind when looking for anything from a tumbler to decanter for your kitchen and dining spaces.

Cups and glassware for every home

Whether you’re starting out or taking stock of old glassware, these are the essentials to consider:
  • Tumbler sets for daily use: Every home needs a six to 12 tumbler set for daily use. Melamine cups are usually a light and easy solution.

  • Glass jars and glass bottles: These are useful for everything from storing jams and sauces to chilling water on hot days.

  • Decanter, wine glasses, and wine holder sets: No home bar is complete without these mainstays. Invest in some good quality wine glasses along with a decanter and wine holder to create a basic wine serving station.

  • Coffee cups, mugs and coffee thermos: Essentials in any home, these are perfect when used to add splashes of personality and colour to a breakfast bar.

  • Outdoor glassware: Don’t forget to stock plastic cups for clear days when a picnic will always be on the cards.

  • Novelty mugs and glassware options

    Interesting glassware can add a lot of character to your kitchen and dining spaces when chosen with some consideration toward style and tone. For instance, novelty mugs are a great way to introduce some humour and colour to your breakfast bar. Even better, choose personalised mugs for each member of your family!

    Another useful addition to your glassware collection, travel mugs are great for convenience - especially for those rushed mornings when carrying a cuppa en route to work makes all the difference.

    This is just the beginning. Once you get started with specialty cups, jars, mugs and bottles, you’ll find that very little is left unaddressed in the glassware department. There will always be another crystal decanter or wine glasses set that catches your fancy. Explore some great ideas and options right here!