The need for having a desk at home is becoming increasingly popular, with more people doing work around the clock, studying, or needing a designated place to sort through and store their never-ending stream of bills. Whether you opt for a computer desk that doubles as a standing desk, or choose something more traditional, such as a timber desk with hutch, your task will remain the same – the trick is to ensure you create the most comfortable workspace possible to help you breeze through your do-list. Here’s what you should consider when shopping for office desks online:

What type of office desk do I need?

Start with the type of desk best suited to your space and needs. A corner desk will maximise space in a confined office or multi-purpose room, and will provide more legroom and bench space. If you include an option with storage, this will also double the surface space in which you can store things. An executive office desk, on the other hand, is more appropriate should you hold face-to-face meetings. They also look professional and create a sense of occasion. For those who spend most of their time at work in the seated position, you might prefer a standing desk at home. Not only do they encourage good posture, but there are claims they help boost productivity, too. Where storage is a priority, look for office settings or suites, which include lengths of shelving and drawers. If you have little floor space, instead, consider a retractable folding desk, but remember this won’t allow for any storage – not even the odd piece of paper.

What materials should I consider?

Most desk surfaces are made from either solid timber, laminate over a wood core, metal or steel. For something that has timeless appeal, you can’t go past a timber or veneer desk. These desks tend to be pretty sturdy but can show up scratches over time. A metal or steel desk is a more durable option, but may not work well in traditional interiors. The most affordable, and therefore most popular, material is laminate. It tends to withstand wear and tear better than a solid wood, and is available in an array of colours and wood grain patterns. With that in mind, there are also many desks that use a combination of materials – a timber desk surface with steel legs, for example – to suit a variety of styles and uses.

How can I maximise my office desk space?

A desk with hutch is the best way to ensure you get the most out of your office storage space. The additional vertical space allows you to create an ordered storage system in which everything has a place. It is important, however, to double check your computer screen fits first. Deep drawers are another option, and will help tidy away any stationery. Otherwise, consider adding floating shelves above your computer desk, or purchase filing cabinets to sit under or next to your desk. You’ll find other handy office accessories such as filing towers and pen holders will help keep mess at bay.