Fire Pits

Chilly winter evenings call for a fire pit or two. This excellent invention in outdoor heating ensures that you can enjoy your garden and backyard even after dusk when the temperature dips. Whether it's a full-fledged outdoor fireplace, well-designed chiminea or portable, this handy backyard feature keeps you and yours warm throughout the cooler months.

When looking for a new fire pit, your first filters will be style, size, and material. You will need to consider available space when planning to buy any patio heaters. Additionally, you’ll also need to select material based on overall decor; for instance, a cast iron fire pit will work beautifully with a gravel covered backyard. Here’s a brief look at some popular outdoor fire pits.

Versatility in outdoor heating: The easy gas fire pit

The gas fire pit requires less maintenance, is environmentally friendly and fairly affordable. Unlike wood-burning units, they don't release smoke into the atmosphere, which increases air quality and makes the outdoor experience more enjoyable (no smoke in your face!). Gas products are also extremely easy to operate. Simply turn on the gas, light, and start enjoying your personal outdoor fireplace.

Traditional meets modern: Wood-burning fire pits set in stainless steel or cast iron

Nothing can beat the smell and nostalgia of a traditional wood-burning fire bowl. For the eco-conscious, as long as you’re using the pit in moderation, your carbon footprint will still be intact. Many new styles are even designed to incorporate firewood storage for added convenience. Better yet, with a wood-burning fire pit, a gas fireplace’s restrictions of gas lines or outlets are not even a factor. A wood-burning cast iron fire pit could be home to the best of your winter parties!

What about a portable fire pit?

Ease and multi-function is what it’s all about if opting for a portable fire pit. Many of these come with propane fuel tanks discreetly installed in the body of the product. Now, not only can you move the heat as the outdoor party progresses, but you also don’t need to worry about lugging a steady supply of wood with it.

So whether you choose a convenient gas fireplace, a clay chiminea or a stainless portable fire pit, make sure to stick to your home decor preferences. With the abundance of outdoor pits and patio heaters available online today, you’ll soon be spoilt for choice!