Housekeeping & Laundry Products

Any laundry must be functional but it can also be a well designed, even stylish space. Make your washing chores less tedious by turning this notoriously cramped space into an organised area of baskets, bins and containers for all your essentials. Laundry storage must account for clothes piles, detergents a tub and even an iron and ironing board. The most compact laundries can usually fit hooks, a fold-out clothes rack, suction baskets or narrow shelves. If you have more space, try cabinets to house cleaning products, laundry bags, clothes organisers or hampers. There are storage solutions for every size area. Here's how to make the most of your space, even if the space feels impossibly small.

Make the most of your laundry room walls.

The floor space in most laundry rooms is in short supply, so save some by using your walls. Wall-mounted drying racks, clothing rods and ironing boards are easy to find, inexpensive and effective. They keep all the clean clothes out of the way so you can focus on the task at hand.

Take folding and drying out of the laundry room.

To avoid traffic overload in such a small space, purchase rolling hampers and portable drying racks. Hampers with wheels and traditional baskets allow you to conveniently transition clothes, and they’re easy to move again when it’s time to fold. You can even set up portable drying racks and ironing boards in the living room and watch your favourite shows while ironing and hanging. Not too bad, right?

Use baskets and bins for laundry accessories.

Dryer sheets, clothespins, hangers and spot cleaners are just a few of the many small things we often accumulate in the laundry room. Make them easier to find by grouping them together in a basket, bin or box. Place them next to larger items, such as the iron, detergent and fabric softener so the entire process is seamless.

Splurge on a built-in storage system.

Oftentimes, baskets, bins and wall units just aren’t enough; sometimes you have to invest in something a little more substantial. Turn your room into a storage haven by adding shelves, cabinets, drawers and clotheslines. By creating a custom unit, you can individualise the room to fit all of your needs; you can even add a pullout ironing board, drying rack or clothes hamper.

Include an utility sink for increased function.

Help your space do double duty by adding an utility sink and turning the area into a mudroom and laundry room combo. Although it might seem like a big purchase, a stainless steel sink would come in handy when you’re trying to get out those extra-hard stains or need to hand wash any delicates.