Media Storage

There’s no such thing as too much media storage; even with tiny USB hard drives that can store entire movie collections. In fact, our need to house everything within entertainment units is even greater in a scenario where almost every room in the house has TV screens, computers, and home theatre systems - creating a jungle of cables from soundbars, speakers, and adapters.

The good news is that the days of boxy and unattractive TV cabinets with towering shelves are long gone. Today’s storage solutions come in a wide variety of options: you can opt for sleek built-in TV units, pull-out filing cabinets, aesthetically pleasing floating shelves and storage cubes, and DVD stands that also serve as bookcases (for those of us who love a bit of nostalgia mixed with digital files!). So get ready to get organised - without ruining your home’s decor. Here are some things to consider when choosing entertainment units and storage solutions that work well, and look even better.

Living room storage solutions that please the eye

Storage solutions don’t have to be ugly. Throw out those big clunky shelves that dwarf your entire living room. Consider storage ottomans, floating shelves, console tables, and entertainment units that blend seamlessly with the rest of your lounge furniture. While most furniture lines release TV units as part of their living room ensemble, even a stand-alone TV unit can be matched to your lounge furniture’s prominent materials and furnishings.

Start by outlining the theme you’re after. Then, narrow down your options based on material and measurements, and you’ve got the first shortlist to your very own storage solutions. Now all you need to do is browse entertainment units online and you’re well on your way to convenient storage complemented by quite the entertainment quotient.

Entertainment units with matching console tables and display cabinets

The trick is to co-ordinate or creatively assimilate your TV unit with other similar themed furniture. This could include console tables and display cabinets that integrate well with the material and style you’re after. If you aren’t interested in a big storage cabinet, simply invest in a corner TV stand for easy and non-intrusive media storage.

TV units with cable management (no more dust bombs!)

If you’ve ever stood in front of a mess of cables, duster and mop in hand, you know how crucial cable management is in any entertainment unit. Luckily, this is no longer a problem. If your TV unit looks like it’s been hit by a cable tornado, simply renovate your home’s entertainment centre. Buy an entertainment unit with cable drawers, shelves and adapter pockets. Where wires are inevitable, look for TV cabinets that house the cable in their seams, i.e., the legs and frames.

Good living room storage solutions make clever use of TV furniture without disturbing any aesthetics at play. Whether it’s a simple DVD stand, storage cubes, or an entire entertainment unit with shelves for a full range home theatre system, plan it well and your family will love it.