Office Chairs

Give your home office an executive makeover with office chairs that suit you and your family. From leather chairs to upholstered, wooden, mesh, and the popular swivel chairs - you’ve got plenty of choice; so make it count. Let’s take a look at some essentials when choosing your next best office chair.

Computer chairs that suit you

As you browse through chairs online, you’ll notice that there are dozens of different styles: chairs with fixed or flexible backs, with or without arms, with or without casters, and so on. Decide which one’s right for you by narrowing down these computer chairs by design and use.

For instance, if your home office doesn’t get much traffic for lengthy periods of time, then fixed back computer chairs with no arms might work; on the other hand, if you frequently work from home, you’ll need something more flexible and supportive.

Ergonomic office chairs for better back health

You’ve only got one back; invest in ergonomic office chairs that keep it healthy. Here are some pointers:
  • Upholstered, padded or mesh - choose desk chairs that have soft yet structured seating.
  • Avoid straining your lower back by choosing an ergonomic chair that has adequate lumbar support.
  • Look for adjustment levers that let you fix chair height with ease.
  • Your office chair should have a backrest that’s about 30-50 cm wide.
  • A typical ergonomic chair will have a seat that’s roughly 45-50 cm wide, and deep enough for you to sit comfortably without leaning back too much for support.

  • Desk chairs that blend design with purpose

    Even the most stylised desk chairs must be comfortable. Leather office chairs are usually equipped with standard adjustable arms and backs, casters and lumbar support.

    Swivel chairs are pragmatic and not just because they let you adjust posture with ease. They make reaching for different areas of your workstation quite comfortable. Kids desk chairs, in particular, are meant to fit snugly under their study tables and allow for frequent movement.

    If you’re not a big fan of leather office chairs or the popular upholstered white office chair, then consider a mesh office chair. These are sleek, light, and especially good for humid climates where mould might be a problem. A mesh office chair will also have the necessary back and arm supports - but these will be protrusions rather than in-built padding.

    Be as nit-picky as you'd like to be, after all your computer chairs will see you a lot more than those expensive bar stools! An office is an exciting addition to your home, and the right chair ensures that you actually use it.