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Gregory Davis & Associates
Los Angeles, CA Landscape Architects & Landscape Designers
Average rating: 5 out of 5 stars27 February 2013
Having worked with Greg on a few projects, I am so impressed with his skills in laying out a functional and beautiful yard. He is especially talented with lighting designs. I recommend Greg and his company all the time.
Urban Oasis Landscape Design
Los Angeles, CA Landscape Architects & Landscape Designers
Average rating: 5 out of 5 stars29 January 2013
We wanted a change to our rather pedestrian front lawn. We were recommended to Urban Oasis by a satisfied friend. Essentially, we wanted a grassless front lawn with herbs - drought resistant plants - rocks and gravel artistically placed with some color highlights and an overall feeling of serenity. We reviewed some lawns that we liked and Urban Oasis came up with a unique design that met our needs but was cost effective. Debbie G. submitted drawings and estimates. Her crews were superb. She worked right along with the gardeners and supervised the tree trimmers, etc., Project came in under estimate..
W G Design
Los Angeles, CA Landscape Architects & Landscape Designers
Average rating: 5 out of 5 stars30 March 2017
How did all of this begin? We had a (very) old fence that was falling down and had to be replaced. Since there was a lot of vegetation growing on the fence, everything was removed at the same time. We now had a fresh start. Now what? We did some window shopping at several local nurseries. While we found items we liked, we weren’t sure how to put them together. Our area is a side raised bed only about 3 feet wide, but 70 long, plus an area in the front of the house. Many nurseries offer design services, so we decided to pay a little to get a "professional" design. We did get a home visit and a design, but were much underwhelmed, and were not comfortable going with it. Bingo, let’s look for a real pro! We found and spoke to several local designers. One of them thought that our project was a bit too small for her business and recommended Wendy, so we set up an appointment. We all three liked each other and verbally created a broad concept. Wendy sent us on more nursery recon. Together we came up with the long list of possible plants that we liked and might work together. Using the great image resources online we were able to cull the list down to about a dozen varieties. Wendy then did a CAD design, which we all reviewed on paper. Wow, it really looked like a great garden we could visualize. She added some cool touches like boulders; several espalier arrangements and a modern dripper system. Now we were really excited about the potential. As a major part of the service, she acquired all of the plants and materials and hired a team to do the physical work of planting and installing. All we had to do was take delivery and watch the creation unfold. We got lucky in that we installed in early February, during a rainy season here in LA. The plants and we all loved the rain. We’re about 6 weeks in now, and all looks great. We’re only doing a few additions and trimming. Wendy did a great design and implementation, but way beyond that, just enough hand-holding to make this a comfortable project for us. We got the desired effect that we wanted and that will require a minimum of care going forward. It’s actually fun to work on it and watch the growth each week. Go Wendy!
Los Angeles, CA Landscape Architects & Landscape Designers
Average rating: 5 out of 5 stars4 March 2021
I love my landscaping thanks to PopDirt! Lizzie designed my front lawn and took 40 years off the the look of the house. Now we have a fresh farmhouse feel with those of beautiful succulents and olive trees. She is also so helpful when it comes to maintaining it (which is pretty easy but I don’t have a green thumb). My neighbors come by all the time asking for her contact because they have noticed such a difference. I couldn’t recommend PopDirt more!
Eco Landscape Design & Build
Los Angeles, CA Landscape Architects & Landscape Designers
Average rating: 5 out of 5 stars17 March 2015
Ours was a major redesign, replacing wall-to-wall grass with an environmentally-friendly Spanish garden look in both front and back yards. Brad and Jenn came highly recommended by a friend and were amazing to work with, full of great ideas, flexible, and had a top-notch crew. We wanted to add to the look of the house while minimizing water waste. The duo suggested an array of great-looking draught-tolerant plants, and Brad set up highly customized irrigation system that allows for independent watering of thirsty and water-sipping plants. Between the intricate CAD drawings and reference photos they provided we felt like we knew what we were in for, but it turned out even better. The ultimate compliment comes in the form of neighbors snapping cell phone shots and telling us how much they’re enjoying our new front yard. Thumbs-up for Eco!
Gravel and Green
Los Angeles, CA Landscape Architects & Landscape Designers
Average rating: 5 out of 5 stars21 March 2016
I would give Bret 5 stars! The quote was adherred to the project, the clean up after work was completed, the choice of plants was perfect ans on.y 1 small one had to be replaced which was done and the overall design was beautiful and met my vision! My timing with workers had to be flexible as I had simultaneous projects going on and Bret acconmmodated for this without frustration. All items remain healthy and many stop to compliment the work. I would highly reccommend Gravel and Green.
Zucker Design Associates, Inc.
Los Angeles, CA Landscape Architects & Landscape Designers
Average rating: 5 out of 5 stars14 July 2016
We here at KNA Design worked with Scott Zucker and his team on the Liongate estate in Bel Air. Scott is a compelling professional that was able to transform our neglected property into a virtual paradise . He is a terrific collaborator and a valuable asset to any endeavor. We hold Scott in the highest esteem. We look forward to working with him again.
Lauri Burrier Garden Design Inc.
Los Angeles, CA Landscape Architects & Landscape Designers
Average rating: 5 out of 5 stars26 November 2018
Lauri and her team are OUTSTANDING! We asked Lauri to design and completely redo our backyard and challenging steep hill behind our home, the seemingly impossible...to us, at least. What we have now is an incredibly beautiful, lush, fragrant terraced outdoor space with plenty of places to sit and enjoy the views. It’s a haven for us, our grandkids and friends, and it’s always buzzing with life: so many hummingbirds, honey bees, butterflies! It’s been less than a year since completion and all the plants are already huge and vibrant, and there has been constant blooming all year. I can’t say enough about Lauri and her team. They are exceptional: expert, hardworking, professional, respectful of the land and environment, and simply a joy to work with.
Weeds Garden Design, Inc.
Los Angeles, CA Landscape Architects & Landscape Designers
Average rating: 5 out of 5 stars18 July 2013
I just bought my first house - a definite fixer-upper - and quickly learned how important it is to find someone you can really trust with working on an intimate, personal space like your home. Nancy is that someone. I actually found her on Yelp and thought, "Well, she has five stars... let's see why." She deserves every single one of them. She was fantastic at working with me on the budget, she finished everything exactly when she said she would, and responded to any questions I emailed within hours of me sending them - and I sent A LOT of emails. (Yep, I can be high-maintenance.) She knows plants and taught me a heck of a lot of stuff I didn't know, and she also did a really good job of listening to my own needs - something almost no other contractors have done. The couple times things haven't been quite right - for example when a bougainvillea died after a week - she came back and fixed it immediately. Most important, though, the work she does is spectacular. My front and back yards were a mess of concrete and dead, old plants. That crap is all gone, and in its place is a gorgeous colorful garden with a quaint stone path that runs from one end to another. It's like something out of a fairytale, and I enjoy walking through it every single night when I get home from the office. At first I was thinking of trying to landscape this project myself - after all, just a few plants, right? But it's so, so much more complicated than that. Now that it's done, there's not a day goes by that I'm not thrilled I hired Nancy to make my gardening dreams come true.
Rose in Bloom Gardens
Los Angeles, CA Landscape Architects & Landscape Designers
Average rating: 5 out of 5 stars3 November 2013
Linda did an *amazing* job on our garden. People are walking by our house and stopping by to take pictures. It felt like she was doing the work for herself or a family member: she personally cares about the results and does not stop until everything looks perfect. We really could not be happier. She did our front and back yards, the plants, planters, fence, lights. It truly raised the look and feel of our house beyond our expectations. I wholeheartedly recommend Linda!
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