I'm qualified Architect working as an Independent Lighting Consultant. Putting the right light in the right location and helping my clients to make the right choice is my commitment. Light is my passion and, quoting some of my friends, almost my obsession. In my opinion, good lighting is an essential in whatever environment we are in. It's for me a pleasure to offer my experience and knowledge to those who would like to improve their environment or to enrich customers' experience with good lighting. “Light makes a room" and it should work in harmony with the architecture, taking always into account its incredible ability to influence any space. The key is "less is more" as often is not necessary to make big expense to improve the ambiance through a good lighting. If you need a reliable and passionate professional to look after the light of your future projects, don’t hesitate to contact inlucem. The first consultation is free. Inlucem, bringing your ideas to light and light to your ideas. A complete Lighting consultancy will include: - Approved Lighting design, including 2 meetings (They often last for 2h). A full set of architectural plans will be delivered for the electrician and builder to work with. It will be as detailed as necessary getting from them a perfect understanding. They will provide then a more accurate quote of the installation. - Reviewed and approved lighting specifications based on a final design. They will be delivered at the same time that the architectural plans (PDF files and CAD if required). - Based on the final design and technical information, inlucem will provide a necessary assistance to help in making a right choice from the light fittings of the market that meet project requirements and clients expectations. Budget and style clients are after will be taking into account. - Finally, a meeting onsite with the electrician in charge prior to the start of the installation is included in the fee. During that meeting, the lighting project will be presented going through all the particular aspects to ensure a required final result. Contact us! And please remember, the first consultation is free!!
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