Every Product in Its Place

Furniture, fixtures, finishes…if it’s viewable online, it’s savable with the Clipper. Best yet, everything you clip automatically appears in your Product Library so you can add them to Mood Boards, Selection Boards, Proposals, and more in a click.

The Houzz Pro Clipper is a lifesaver. It gathers the information for you, it’s fast and requires minimal effort and time. When you clip any product to your product library, all the images, descriptions, pricing, and more are ready to pull into your proposal.


Cut Time at Every Step

Gathering item images, specs, and more couldn’t be easier. Just follow these steps and you’ll be stocking up your Product Library before you know it.


Download the Extension

Open the Google Chrome web browser and download the Clipper browser extension from the Google Play store.


Find Your Items

Visit the websites of your preferred vendors and go to the product page of the item you want to save.


Clip Images & Info

Click the Clipper icon on the product image and select the visuals and details you want to the right.


Add Instantly to Projects

Send your clipped item to your selected project and pull it from your Product Library in future projects.

One Tool. Tons of Uses.

Stunning Mood Boards are a cinch with the Clipper. Just pull from your library of clipped items to set the tone in no time.


Choose What Clients Can (And Can’t) See

Once you’ve gathered the goods, you may find product details you’d prefer to hide. We get it—that’s why we let you turn visibility on or off for all info categories before sharing with clients, so they only see what you want to show them.


Take a Sourcing Shortcut With the Clipper

Frequently Asked Questions About the Houzz Pro Clipper