How to Sync Houzz Pro to Xero

Last updated:
24 January 2022

Syncing Houzz Pro to Xero allows you to manage all your accounting needs automatically. Just follow these 3 simple steps in order to configure your Xero account for the sync:

1) Connect your bank account in Xero (AU | NZ)
2) Connect Houzz Pro to Xero (as shown in video above)
3) Map your Houzz Pro tax rates to Xero (AU | NZ)

Note that this is a one way sync. Documents sync from Houzz Pro to Xero, and not the other way around, so it's important to make all document, vendor, transaction, and other creations, edits, and deletions in Houzz Pro instead of in Xero.


1. What’s synced over to Xero?

Houzz will sync over estimates & proposals, invoices and purchase orders to Xero. These documents will be synced automatically accordingly:

  • Estimates & Proposals - estimates & proposals are synced when they are approved by the client.
  • Invoices - invoices are synced when they are issued.
  • Purchase Orders - purchase orders are synced when you mark them as billed.

Please note: documents that are created through image import will not sync over as they do not contain any line items. If you want these documents shown in Xero, it’s highly recommended you enter the line item details in Houzz Pro rather than create a double entry in Xero.

2. Do I need to do anything to sync documents over?

No, the sync happens automatically when a document changes state. There’s no need for any manual syncing.

3. How do I know all documents are synced?

If you are connected, there is generally no need to check anything, but you can get an overall view of the syncing status by clicking on the “Status” tab.

4. Will older, existing documents sync over after connection? Do I need to do anything?
Approved/issued/logged documents created on and after October 7th, 2020 will sync over. After the first time you connect Houzz Pro to Xero you’ll see an overview of existing documents that are eligible for syncing, and you’ll be able to sync them over.

Documents created before October 7th, 2020 will not sync to Xero as they’re incompatible to sync.

Please note: payments that are received on invoices or change orders that were created prior to October 7th, 2020 will not sync over since their host document cannot sync over.

5. Will data created in Xero show up in Houzz Pro?

The sync is a one-way sync meaning that Houzz Pro pushes data over to Xero, but does not pull data from Xero back to Houzz Pro.

This is why it’s best practice to perform actions on documents in Houzz Pro and not in Xero, since changes to documents in Xero will not be visible to Houzz Pro, and so your documents will get out of sync. However, any action you perform on documents in Houzz Pro will be visible in Xero.

What will be visible through Houzz Pro from Xero is the Chart of Accounts list, which Houzz Pro will fetch from Xero.

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