Dinner table decor help!

Lucia Francis
3 years ago
last modified: 3 years ago

I have a dinner party coming up. What are some cheap and easy ways to decorate my dinner table? Its going to be rather casual with a buffet style dinner on my kitchen island then everyone will sit down at my hopefully beautifully decorated dinner table!

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  • Lilli Watkins
    3 years ago

    setting the table with a bundle of small mini LED fairy lights would look good at night! Long tiles with antipasto food also works well for a casual setting down the centre ;)

  • Bernadette Staal
    3 years ago

    If it is a casual buffet type meal you don't need to go over board on the dinner table. I would suggest a lovely table runner a pose of fresh flowers (not high so that you block peoples view across the table). Some lovely place mats, standard silverware and glasses all set out and a couple of very simple candle sticks - I also love the idea of the mini Led Fairy lights but maybe around the room (perhaps a mirror if you have one in the room). If you have napkin rings or can make lovely napkins shapes out of origami, that adds a little bit of class and perhaps a small chocolate at each place setting. Don't go over board. After all it is the company (and the food) that should be the star of the night and you need to relax as well. Not every decorative piece needs to be on the table.