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Sunrooms – also referred to as glass rooms and screen rooms – allow you to enjoy your surrounding landscape, no matter how dull the weather is outside. If your solarium roof lets light in, they can also double as a conservatory or garden room. People often take advantage of an outdoor patio or alfresco area, while those northeast of the country are known to enclose their Queenslander verandahs, all in the name of creating a room in which you and your family can enjoy the sun.

What building materials should I consider for my sunroom?

If you want to allow the maximum amount of sunlight into your sunroom while also trapping heat, clear, double-glazed windows should make up the majority of the walls. If you live in a mostly-warm climate like Queensland, enclosed verandahs would benefit from window screens, to allow airflow. A retractable roof or louvres are another great option that would let you control the airflow.

Roofing can be consistent with the rest of the home, or, depending on the preference of the homeowner, could consist of glass or plastic panels that let in extra light. If you’re willing to spend more money, panels are also available with coating designed to reflect ultraviolet rays. Since high ceilings result in hot air rising out of reach, a vaulted ceiling is a nice alternative that still allows your space to feel light and airy. All types of flooring can be installed, but concrete, brick or stone will increase thermal mass.

If you're designing your sunroom from scratch, consider consulting an architect to help.

How do I decorate a sunroom addition?

When looking for furniture and decor, remember that your sunroom will see a high amount of direct sunlight. Leather, plastic and metal, for instance, can become extremely hot if exposed to the sun, whereas other fabrics and materials such as linen and silk can quickly fade. Outdoor furniture is a good option, as is anything made of wicker, cotton or wool. Consider installing blinds to help prolong the life of your furniture and accessories when the sunroom is not in use, and add greenery so you don’t feel hemmed in. A professional stylist can help you choose if you're unsure.

Nicole England

Refreshed throughout to display its classical Federation features, the home showcases multiple sundrenched living areas and charismatic wraparound gardens; innately warm and inviting. -Crisply painted inside and out, brand-new carpeting -Formal lounge with decorative fireplace, linked dining room -Large separate family and dining room at the rear bathed in sunlight through walls of glass -Expansive level backyard planted with mature flowering trees -Leaded timber windows, high ornate ceilings throughout
lightness - camannem


Window seat - pru_lilburn

Architect: James Russell Architect Photographer: Toby Scott
pebbles (but these are too large) with flagstones in interior courtyard - jennyhare56

Outdoor room - lynne_gunn

John Downes
outside furniture cane - maree_wiseman

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