Laundry Room Design Ideas

Laundry designs seldom receive the attention they deserve, especially considering how often they’re used. A well-planned laundry, complete with built-in cabinets, a laundry sink, washing machine and clothes dryer, can serve many needs. It can help simplify your household chores; store drying clothes and cleaning products; and can even provide a spot for you to groom pets.

Because of its hardworking, multipurpose potential, a laundry renovation is a worthwhile investment. Smart laundry designs have layouts that save you time and effort. For example, a washing machine and clothes dryer should be positioned next to one another or stacked, and laundry baskets and hampers should be within easy reach; while an ironing board should be stowed by a power point. Ample storage, bench space for laundry baskets and practical lighting are also essential.

Browse the photos on Houzz for efficient laundry ideas, from layouts and storage to appliances, and strike up a conversation with the designers of your favourite laundry renovations. For more laundry ideas, browse the Stories section on Houzz.

How do I add storage to my laundry?

A combination of storage solutions is key to running an efficient laundry. Include shelves above or beside the washing machine to store washing detergent, softener and other cleaning products; and laundry bins for dirty clothes. Consider a custom-built cupboard for an ironing board, so it can easily fold out when you need it, or mount the ironing board directly to the wall or on the back of a door. A retractable clothesline is a handy addition to dry delicate clothes, while a clothes hanger mounted to the wall is ideal for hanging freshly pressed shirts.

What else can I use my laundry for?

Multipurpose laundry rooms or utility rooms can help save valuable space in your home. The laundry sink can be used to bathe your furry friends; your laundry cupboard can store sports equipment, gardening tools and umbrellas; and a spare nook can be filled with a desk and chair to create an office space while you wait for your load to finish. If your laundry is at the front of the house, consider using it as a drop station for mail, mobile phones and keys. Include a bench seat or stool, wall-mounted hooks for bags and a coat stand and it can even be used as a place to get the kids organised before you walk out the front door.

How can I decorate my laundry?

Laundries are usually filled to the brim with appliances and storage, so take advantage of your walls when decorating and use cheery paint colours or wallpaper to make doing the chores more pleasant! Fun signs, posters, murals and wall decals will also add character to the space. Think of your storage as decor, too – look for bins and baskets with decorative touches, and use brightly-coloured or patterned hangers.

Tom Ferguson Photography
wardrobe style - webuser_883309332

Custom laundry room designed and crafted by RAW Sunshine Coast. Featuring solid timber benchtops, matte black tap ware, dark lower cabinetry and textured white overhead cabinetry. Photo: Venita Wilson
colour way saved for this - jillcnz

Good looking and very functional family laundry. Great for muddy kids getting home from footy training! Loads of functional storage, large second fridge and blackboard with the family schedule
The hangers on the left in laundry, above low drawers could work for us. Make the whole laundry a drying home - mitchiedog

laundry - kate_elizabeth_nolan

Colindale Design / CR3 Studio
Better height for side by side and drawers under - naponder

Interior Design by Donna Guyler Design
High washing machine and dryer - jjudd81

Storage on top - mahak_dewan

This laundry is a space savers dream! Machines stacked nicely with enough room to store whatever you need above (like that washing basket that just doesn't really GO anywhere). Fitted neatly is the laundry trough with a simple tap. The black tiles really do make the space it's own. Who said laundries had to be boring?
space saving with washer and drier on top. the other side could be long cupboards and hooks etc.. - gnomeslee

Dave from Top Snap
6. Hide a room. Do you have a bedroom, bathroom or garage right off your great room? A wooden slat wall can create a visual barrier to block guests’ views of your more personal spaces. The vertical slat wall in the room beyond the doorway here hides the laundry room from the main living space. The dark stain of this slat wall helps it stand out as an important architectural feature. - dianne_patterson73

Rozenn Leard

Putra Indrawan

Jack Scott

Great idea to seperate the toilet in the laundry ✅✅✅ - glenice_whitley

Crisp white cabinetry and plenty of storage were key in this contemporary laundry, built by Cato Constructions.
Long laundry with laundry one end and storage and bench for sewing etc at the other - jjudd81

Jamie Cleary
concrete twin tub mixed into new elements - karen_bedogni

black joinery like my old kitchen... timber, texture. - nicky_richardson41