Staircase Design Ideas

A staircase isn’t just a structural element that links two floors – it can also help define your style, make a statement, and turn your entryway into a grand entrance. There are a growing range of materials and staircase designs to cater to your personal style and the size of your space. Here are some quick tips to consider while browsing images of staircase designs on Houzz.

What type of staircase works best for me?

The first consideration when planning a stair design is space. A double-sided staircase, for instance, will only work in a large area; whereas an L-shaped staircase or straight staircase are more compact options. The next step in the stair design is deciding on a style. Elliptical or curved stairs offer elegance, while spiral stairs can appear more urban. If you want a contemporary design, floating stairs are a great way to circulate light.

What balustrade and handrail options are available?

Balustrades and handrails are important for safety but also allow you to get creative with your stair design. Many staircases are built up against a wall – if that’s the case, the wall itself can act as a balustrade; it will just need an attached handrail. Glass balustrades are great if you want to show off your staircase as an architectural feature, whereas a timber balustrade tends to be a more timeless option. Metal balustrades are versatile in that they can be industrial, elegant or quirky. Consider functionality, too, especially if you have kids. An open railing, for instance could become a safety hazard.

What type of material should I use for stair treads?

Timber stair treads are strong and timeless, but aren’t suited to those with indoor pets as they’ll show up scuffs. Carpeted or stone stair treads are more traditional options, whereas stainless steel and glass can be quite contemporary. Concrete stair treads are increasingly popular for those looking to create a sculptural masterpiece out of their staircase – just imagine the effect of floating concrete stairs, daringly cantilevered. Also consider using a combination of materials to create visual interest.
Kirribilli House

Stairs to attic Photography by: Douglas Frost
Stair case and window - russ_ta_fy

Hoddle Street

Emily Bartlett Photography
Love the staircase with metal safety lines - webuser_431601481

Past Bespoke Joinery

Like the idea of a bookshelf at top of stairs underneath the Mezzanine - rennae_corner35

View House

A brief to provide access to an inaccessible roof terrace resulted in a small, yet striking intervention. Photographer: Kate Mathieson

Fitzroy North House

The kitchen becomes another furniture piece morphing to become the stair and divides the dining and lounge. The void above is open the the study landing maintaining a connection between the floor levels. Image by: Jack Lovel Photography
Like the stairs and the wire sides - cjwjlj

PCG Design

Matthew Mallett Photography
Wall for Annalong in stairwell - rogerandcarmen_smith


mezzanine - meagan43

Trusted home professionals turn ideas into reality
Trusted home professionals turn ideas into reality
#344 Howitt

Dave Kulesza

Crosby Rd Hamilton

Wide stairs at bottom - kathrynmcgill83

Ferry Road

Tad Ferguson


Interesting scissor stair. Like the Chunky floating style. - melanie_clark87

Mooloolaba House #2

Paul Smith
gives feeling of being wide - charles_winstone

Ruffey Lake House

Tatjana Plitt
楼梯➕书柜 - vicky_you70


Real Property Photography. This stunning staircase has everything from a timber slide for the kids, to a study nook nestled under the second staircase leading up to the second storey.

City Beach 2 Residence

staircases with glass and wood - salil_nair4