Staircase Design Ideas

A staircase isn’t just a structural element that links two floors – it can also help define your style, make a statement, and turn your entryway into a grand entrance. There are a growing range of materials and staircase designs to cater to your personal style and the size of your space. Here are some quick tips to consider while browsing images of staircase designs on Houzz.

What type of staircase works best for me?

The first consideration when planning a stair design is space. A double-sided staircase, for instance, will only work in a large area; whereas an L-shaped staircase or straight staircase are more compact options. The next step in the stair design is deciding on a style. Elliptical or curved stairs offer elegance, while spiral stairs can appear more urban. If you want a contemporary design, floating stairs are a great way to circulate light.

What balustrade and handrail options are available?

Balustrades and handrails are important for safety but also allow you to get creative with your stair design. Many staircases are built up against a wall – if that’s the case, the wall itself can act as a balustrade; it will just need an attached handrail. Glass balustrades are great if you want to show off your staircase as an architectural feature, whereas a timber balustrade tends to be a more timeless option. Metal balustrades are versatile in that they can be industrial, elegant or quirky. Consider functionality, too, especially if you have kids. An open railing, for instance could become a safety hazard.

What type of material should I use for stair treads?

Timber stair treads are strong and timeless, but aren’t suited to those with indoor pets as they’ll show up scuffs. Carpeted or stone stair treads are more traditional options, whereas stainless steel and glass can be quite contemporary. Concrete stair treads are increasingly popular for those looking to create a sculptural masterpiece out of their staircase – just imagine the effect of floating concrete stairs, daringly cantilevered. Also consider using a combination of materials to create visual interest.

mezzanine - meagan43

HOMEWORLD LEPPINGTON 1013 Arkenstone Way Leppington NSW 2179 Open 7 Days from 10am - 5pm E: P: 9606 4175
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Mark Cooper trading as Lime Graphic Media/Epic Swells
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Willem Rethmeier
Beams - john_murphy85

Luxurious. Sophisticated. Elegant. Timeless. The architectural design and use of black and white bring a jaw dropping drama to this home. The modern minimalism blended with classic Georgian details creates a home that inspires. Intrim Mouldings provided CR12 and CR04 Chair Rail for the wainscoting wall panelling and SK115 profile timber skirting boards. Blainey North Architects created the concept for this beautiful home and SQ Projects brought it to life.
Amazing!! - cdum64

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The internal stair of the penthouse needs to compete with a lift, and so provides and pleasurable and senusual ascension to the upper living spaces. Placed between the old and new parts of the building it forms a vertical and horizontal connection. © Justin Alexander
Colour of wood and bannister - shelcarrabine

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Pouné Design’s latest residential project is located on the cliff side over looking Freshwater beach with potential 200 degree water views. A challenging project to create a home for a young growing family, with a brief to ensure maximum exposure to water views, maximum attainable heights and low impact to neighbouring views and privacy. Through tireless space planning and creative design using various conceptual and massing models, Pouné Design has created a preliminary design maximising the potential of this beautiful site while complying with the council guidelines using a complexity of split levels and cantilevers, rotated views and ingenious spacial layout. Design Team: Pouné Parsanejad, Felicity Wheeler & Arian Borzorg Photography: Brett Boardman, Adam Powell

Tatjana Plitt Photography
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Nice approach to a narrow stair. - melanie_clark87

A brief to provide access to an inaccessible roof terrace resulted in a small, yet striking intervention. Photographer: Kate Mathieson

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Interesting scissor stair. Like the Chunky floating style. - melanie_clark87