Kitchen colour design tips

Laura Bell
September 24, 2016
last modified: September 5, 2017

Hi everyone we are deciding on kitchen colours and i was wondering if anyone had any tips. We really like the idea of using two colours of cabinetry, but are unsure how to do it. the kitchen is the right back wall in the photo.

all the walls in the house are going to be white, to keep it very simple, clean and modern. There are no handles or details on cupboards. floor is polished concrete, with an industrial look. We have chosen our bench top already as our budget limited us to what we could choose from.

we want to use black and white and our appliances are stainless. overhead bulkhead will be painted white also. Backsplash will probably be white Does anyone have any ideas on what cabinets could be black and which ones white. these are designs that i really like the idea of, using different coloured cabinets for the island or high cabinets, just unsure of exactly how to execute it to suit our design. any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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