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VA Design Studio

These are great ideas, for me the most important thing in the house is the window and the view, and this is where my desktop will be

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I call these showroom studies. My husband has a printer, files, books, all sorts of stuff in his study. He could not survive with a minimalist study like above. Love the views though.

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When my husband was still working we had an office in a cupboard in the spare room, easy to shut the doors on the mess. But if I had to do any work on the computer I'd drag it through to the dining room where I could see out the windows. We now have a small desk under one of the dining room windows, where I can look out onto our back yard and watch the wildlife (or the cattle in next-doors paddock). Plantation shutters can be adjusted to keep out the heat and glare in the late afternoon. I only added a small lamp so that I could use the computer at night and not have the main light glaring on those in the living room. Biggest problem is keeping it tidy after my messy other half has been working there. My view s not mountains, an ocean or a lush garden, it is dry Australian bush, but i love it.


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