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Lots of good tips here and we have incorporated a seat and child-level elements as far as we can in a bathroom we didn't design.

I consider one of the least considered options for family bathrooms is lighting. As we now know that blue light and cool spectrum light negatively affects our sleep, it makes perfect sense to me that family bathrooms need multitasking lighting (in my opinion) like all bathrooms especially those with no natural light.

So for example, I will defintiely consider adding layers of lighting to the bathroom for the main mirror (i.e. task lighting for makeup, shaving and personal care), low level red spectrum lighting for the evening enough to bathe young children and a dimmer for seeing the loo should anyone need to go in the night as well as the option to have a daylight spectrum lighting for internal bathroom or a brighter lighting when required. This is also a lovely idea for when you want a candlelit bath but also some background lighting.

Baby, infant and young people's sleep is highly affected by the lighting they are in before bedtime (well adults too, but here I'm talking about multi-age group), so I am suprised we haven't seen much impact on interiors for this.

Accessibility to the switch is important and also the fan/extraction needs to work with different lighting levels or be switched off easily by an adult. Ie you can run the fan after you've turned off the lights.

A heated mirror for the main mirror is also a great thing if you have only one bathroom and everyone needs a shower in the morning! (this goes double if your bathroom also has no external window that opens.)

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A heated towel rail would be especially useful for a family.

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I thought that all of these bathrooms were very pretty. I've also had the experience of ending up with inaccessible plumbing-this time on an outside 2nd story wall. It cost so much money to fix a simple and predictable plumbing problem. These days there is way too much emphasis on looks with no sense about functionality and repairs down the line.

Put the bathtub controls where you can reach them without having to be in the tub. And have an access panel. I actually think that separate hot and cold taps are safer for children. It is easy to teach them not to touch the hot tap without adult supervision.


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