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Grace Bauer
Mother of Thousands is a plant that earns its name. After having the plant for about a year it produced dozens of rosettes on the edge of its flowers. I waited until they were about pea sized and broke off a few to propagate. It has been a few months and they are now each dime sized and steadily rooted. They will need to be bumped up into bigger containers soon because I planted them too close to eachother- I did not expect them to grow this quickly!
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This is so funny. It's not rocket science. I just snap a bit off and stick it straight in the ground or pot with whatever is available without all the palaver of expert advice ie; potting soil this, cactus propagating sand that and they strike all the time. Nature doesn't go through a check list of what to do and how to do it, but it seems to work.

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Brittany Nelson

So helpful, sounds easy enough to do!


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