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The more I read this article the more I cannot fathom how much money it would take to just replace a window here and there to create a new fab hang out zone. Or put a new 4x 4 art work up for that boring uninspiring house space. It might be inspiring but not in my budget. I live in one of the most expensive cities in the world and have a big warm and amazing home but still think there is too much to do. These little , quick , and amazing space changing ideas are melting my brain.......
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To carpetsnake I cannot not agree with you more. I live at the other end of the financial spectrum in a 1900s all timber miner's cottage...solid as a rock built exceptionally well, almost indestructable and, best of all, so very easy to renovate or to add to. I took on this humble house ( my Missie Mousie's Housie or Robin's Nest...I alternate between the two names) in 1985. Nobody wanted it, too difficult a project, needed everything from a total rewire to an internal...well, space to do the washing...a source of Hot water, floor coverings and whatever insulation could prove safe and affordable. I love Houzz for all the great home-making ideas and I'be benefited enormously from the association...but, yes, my brain has had a good BBQ-ing over the years trying to pull my modest house into the 21st centrury, retain the originality and create a welcoming , creative and functional space where I like to live, where to come home to and regenerate. Like many old Queenslander houses, (don't ask me why), this too had a central room without any windows...just a door in. Nothing on Houzz helped me to solve what to do with my room that I called my WOOM! Maybe its was meant as where to go to chill out or get away, I don't know, but the walls on either side had to come out...and easy to do since they are single VJ timber. Of course that threw out the whole design of the place and have been battling all these years trying to pull it together and make the house serve my purposes...So, if you have a "big, warm amazing house"...why do anything if it would create more "too much to do" and blow your budget.... unless what you need is a hidy-nook for yourself ? Where I took walls out, to gain openness, could you perhaps use some decorative screens to section off a space or something along those lines rather than building more? Create a space within a space..if you know what I mean. Hope I've interpreted what you meant. Apologies if I have missed the point entirely.

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