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My sympathies to Mellyshea! BUT...who was the supposed project overseer here? The builder? If so, he should be paying for the dumb plumbing mistakes. No way there should be such errors.

And, for anyone considering a heat pump for hot water...please note. They are NOT for coastal areas. The condenser will corrode just about the time the warranty runs out and way too expensive to bother fixing it. Also, these must be placed outside where they can benefit from airflow to do their thing. After mine failed just after the warranty period, I was whinging to a plumber and he sure was a dumbo. He said he'd have no corrosion problems as he'd put his in the garage! duhhhh.

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Pipe Perfection Plumbers

Thanks to everyone for sharing your various experiences - it's really interesting to hear what happens on other people's builds and it gives me lots of ideas for future articles. Our different houses and environments all show that it's so important to think things like plumbing through very carefully.

A comment above reminded me that when my home was built - we weren't on site monitoring what was happening when the walls around the toilet and bathroom were closed in. They did not install sound insulation - which is what I wanted. So, in my son's bedroom, when someone turns on the shower next door - it wakes him up.

We decided to 'economise' by not getting detailed architect's drawings and worked from the council submission plans - bad idea. There are just too many times where little but still important details like that above get overlooked.

We are always learning - including me!

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Hunt Heating

Hi Darren,

Should you require any further information on Hydronic Heating then please do not hesitate to contact us. As Australias largest supplier of hydronic heating, we would be happy to answer any questions that may assist with ongoing articles on hydronic heating.


Sophie Okill


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