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Fiona Grant

Great suggestions here!
Here’s a few more (as I’m the host usually):
If you’re a guest, my advice would be to check with hosts when it’s ok to use shower etc (as the host, I find it maddening when guests [my siblings usually!] hop in the bathroom for half hour showers before I’ve had a chance to use it myself, thus delaying my chance to get on with chores etc).
Avoid cluttering bathroom with tons of guest toiletries, too!
Also, as a guest, don’t keep insisting on ‘helping’ with food prep as often my husband & I just want to get on with the schedule we’ve mapped out already. Or suggest we down tools to open presents whilst we’re in the middle of cooking.
Keep an eye on kids taking too much food at a ‘help yourself’ style meal then leaving most of it on their plate. (We’ve decided to dish up directly onto their plates as they sit at the table this year to avoid people milling around for ages)
Don’t comment when your guests are dishing up for 14, oh you look stressed/aren’t you enjoying yourself?/didn’t you get any horseradish this year?/are there no more spuds?/come & sit down & relax [when there’s ten tons of clearing up to be done].
Wow: I sound such a misery guts! Think I’m just psyching myself up for hosting 14 with family staying for a week😂 I know it’ll be fun really 🎅🏼Have a great time everyone 🎄

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OMG Fiona Grant, I feel like I need a lie down just reading what you're in for! Hosting 14 with family staying for a week? That's like a hotel, which would require multiple staff to run!

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We live to far not to stay overnight, and whenever my kids visit us in Edinburgh I always organise events for them to join in with.
There's also TVs in the spare rooms, and they're encouraged to spend some alone downtime too. Mealtimes are not obligatory, neither is it expected I'll be cooking for everyone. To have a successful time there has to be clear communication and good organisation to reduce any stresses.


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