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Select Hardwood Floor Co.
Interesting subject... and fortuitous.
Just two days ago, I was casually discussing the "cross references" between MY business and those of a close friend, who happens to be a professional respiratory therapist (of 25 years)...

While chatting, she indicated an alarming increase in respiratory disorders ranging from asthma to COPD and a multitude of others, that were actually quite serious... especially in the OLDER generations, who were previously thought to be "out of bounds" for ailments such as asthma, which years ago, was a condition that mainly targeted younger individuals, who more often than not, grew better as time progressed.

I made a comment: that it was just occurring to me that OUR generation (I'm a reasonably fit 61 & she's, let's just say... in her 50's haha), anyway... OUR generation is the one which, as I recall, was at the beginning of the "wall to wall" carpet craze...
Being from somewhat humble means as a kid... I vividly recall the fact that the "thing" to have was "wall to wall" rather than hard surface with a scattering of rugs...
When someone in the neighborhood made the leap... you'd have thought they were quite well off...

As with all things, it became more attainable, and soon everybody & anybody could afford to take the plunge and did.

My long winded point being... that as in many areas... it may take 40-50 YEARS to realize that there are actually adverse effects to such simple things. So long that they go unnoticed.

As she & I discussed... the general consensus was that the negative aspect of "carpet" was the fact that it was a safe haven for dust-mites, pollen, dust & dirt as well as any other contaminant that was dragged in on ones shoes.

My theory, which really got her thinking, was that along with all of those NATURAL contaminants, there was the added reality that... as one is trafficking through the house on a regular basis... by simple physics, one's shoes or feet are literally breaking loose small particles of nylon, polyester or acrylic fibers... and kicking them into the air to be inhaled constantly... day & night... awake or asleep.
And these are materials that DON'T degrade... they stay put.
And the older the carpet becomes, the more prone to "breaking down" it becomes.

Full disclosure... I'm in the hardwood floor biz... but that's not what got my gears cranking... I'm just a guy who is a firm believer in "cause & effect"... so please don't throw rocks.

Let's just say, she thought it was an interesting enough concept, that she's going to write a paper on it for publication in a few of the medical journals she's involved with.

Anyway... just food for thought.
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Niche Interiors
Great tips! Also, pay attention to the foam used in your upholstery. Standard poly foam contains flame retardant chemicals, which are particularly harmful for young children. Ask manufacturers if the foam contains flame retardants, and look for better alternatives such as soy foam, or natural latex wrapped in organic wool.
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River Valley Cabinet Works
Anybody consider the fact that houses are being built a lot tighter these days? "For every action there is a reaction..."
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