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My Mum is 92 and is busy death cleaning. She is giving away things she no longer uses, but is useful to others. She recently invited her great granddaughter to come and choose glasses, crockery band cutlery as they had just bought their first house. She says she doesn't want us to have to deal with everything after she dies. I love helping her with this, as it helps her to share stories I have never heard before.

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Love this article. My 86 year old Mother is doing this now. She has put relevant paper work in one file, told me where it is. Showed me were she keeps some small amounts of money for any extra expenses after she is gone. She has spoken to a funeral house and has decided she does not want a funeral but just a cremation. She has some special pieces of furniture that she would like my sister and I to love, some beautiful cutlery she wants us to enjoy and the photo albums for memories. We discuss her exit plan and know what she has in mind. She has always been a strong woman who does not want to be in a care facility or to be a burden. I respect her on this because it would not be appropriate for me to be anything else. Her life her choice. She told me the other day that her fav thing to do is to be asleep in her lovely bed, so is happy to just have a forever sleep right there ❤️
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This is exactly what I was commenting about on another article on decluttering. I really do not want my kids to have to go through my stuff and suffer stress. I have looked at many of my items objectively and decided; my kids would have no idea what it was for, how it affected me, or how sentimental it was to ME. So off it goes. My adult children live a modern life, in 100 years I can not see their grandchildren asking about my stuff, coz I know I don't think of my ancestors 'stuff' .

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